Barzel Retail

Structured operations in real estate assets to meet retail companies’ needs

Capital immobilization can be a burdensome aspect of the companies’ expansion process. Operating a complex structure requires a specialized team and long-term resource allocation. Barzel has a real estate DNA present since its foundation, which allows retail companies to access properties ready to operate, enabling them to carry out their operations securely in the long term with low capital allocation.

How does Barzel operate?

Built to Suit

Based on a specific plan for the company's operation development, Barzel structures, develops, and manages the ideal property for each segment, taking into account all business specificities and characteristics. Each project is designed according to the client's needs and encompasses long-term growth and expansion. Thus, Barzel manages the properties, enabling the company to focus on its core business.

Sale and Lease Back

Sale and Lease Back contract entails Barzel purchasing the asset and, under a long-term agreement, ensuring the company's use of the structure. This enables Barzel to manage the asset while the company continues to operate its business.


Focus on Company´s core activity

No impact on financial covenants

Rental payment decreases the taxable base

Eliminates the need for capital immobilization

Converts immobilized capital into financial resources

Barzel + Varejo

Barzel Properties began its retail-focused operations in 2022 by acquiring through a fund 16 stores belonging to a major retailer and subsequently leasing them back to a company within the same group under a long-term contract. As a result, we have expanded our activities to also encompass this sector, through acquiring and developing assets or asset portfolios tailored to companies within this industry across Brazil.

In 2023, Barzel Properties carried out another key operation with Carrefour Brazil Group, through which it acquired 5 important distribution centers and 4 strategically located stores.

The four stores involved in the transaction are recognized for their strong performance in terms of operation and sales, reinforcing Barzel’s growth potential and investment thesis. They are located in the cities of Jacareí, Guarulhos, Jandira, and Santo André, totaling a Gross Leasable Area (GLA) of over 60,000 square meters.

Barzel holds:

20 Stores
5 DCs
13 Brazilian states
18 Cities

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