We are Barzel Properties

A company that operates in all stages of the real estate investment process. Our expertise is the acquisition, retrofit, development and management of Triple-A corporate and logistics properties.

We are focused on




We add value to our clients and investors

We use our real estate DNA to identify the best opportunities, seeking solid long-term returns for our investors.

Our real estate management expertise enables us to offer high standard spaces for companies to make their businesses feasible and to provide comfort and safety to our properties’ tenants.

Areas of expertise


We seek to identify opportunities in the real estate industry according to our investment policy criteria.

Development and Retrofit

We manage all stages, from the development, project design and legal approvals to the property construction and delivery.


By building relationships with a wide range of companies, we seek to offer the best corporate occupation solutions.

Property Management

Our portfolio is managed within the highest standards of building management and financial control, always based on best practices and the tenants’ well-being.

Barzel Properties is a real estate management and development company that seeks to create value through relevant investment solutions that bring long-term results and safeguard our clients’ assets.

Founded in 2015, we have a team of professionals with solid experience in the real estate segment. This expertise enabled us to build a premium portfolio.

We seek assets with strategic locations, prioritizing high-end areas served with different modes of transport and with a wide structure of services

of assets managed by us

Own GLA evolution

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Investment philosophy

Our long-term performance is the result of three main factors


Proactive Management

Supervision and monitor of each property on daily basis, including, but not limited to, operation, maintenance and management, taking special care of relationship with tenants.

Real Estate DNA

Careful assessment of each asset, primarily from the real estate perspective.

Adding Value

Prospection of properties with valuation potential through construction, rental and property management.

01. Gestão Proativa

Monitoramento e acompanhamento do dia a dia de cada empreendimento como: operação, manutenção e gestão. Relacionamento com os locatários.

02. DNA Imobiliário

Avaliação criteriosa de cada ativo, primeiramente sob a perspectiva imobiliária.

03. Potencialização

Prospecção de imóveis com potencial de valorização por meio de obras, gestão da locação e da propriedade.


  • Berrini 500
  • CEA
  • Pinheiros Corporate
  • Espaço São Luiz
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  • Retrofit Scope

Barzel Properties has extensive experience in Retrofit. In addition to a specialized technical team, composed of engineers and architects who work in the analysis of the main deficiencies of the property, we also have professionals specialized in identifying the best solutions to reposition the asset thus adding value to it. Our first Retrofit project was performed at Berrini 500, resulting in a great increase in the building’s occupation.


Occupancy growth

Right at the acquisition of Centro Empresaria do Aço (CEA), Barzel identified some gaps in the building’s management, both administrative and of the common areas. With efficient property and condominium management, together with the implementation of retrofit works, there was a change in the landscape of these common areas, with consequent condominium savings and an increase in building´s revenue.

X 5

common areas revenue

When Pinheiros Corporate was incorporated into Barzel´s portfolio, the building had a 65% occupancy. With the retrofit, several improvements were implemented, including: new facade, renovation of the lobby with unified reception, construction of a bicycle rack with locker rooms. Today the building is 100% occupied.


Occupancy growth

Since the end of the Promon theater activities in 2017, the space became vacant for a long term and had many barriers that prevented its rent, such as places with low ceilings, many floors that served as dressing rooms, lack of natural lighting, inclined audience floor. After its acquisition by Barzel Properties and with the performance of retrofit, the space had its coatings removed, the floors in dressing rooms demolished, more light with open windows, and floor elevation.

Good environments inspire good business.

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